Santova Limited has its origins in 2002 when it listed on the Development Capital Market of the then JSE Securities Exchange. At this early stage the company acted solely as a Customs and Excise Clearing Agent for smaller traders of general goods as well as for exporters of fresh produce world-wide, including some of the largest exporters of deciduous and citrus fruit in Southern Africa.

In March 2003, the Company made the decision to question conventional wisdom by embarking on a strategy of managed ‘reinvention’. The process involved transforming the existing domestic based clearing and forwarding operations into a GLOBAL TRADE SOLUTIONS BUSINESS which assumes responsibility for the entire supply chain, from supplier (ex-works) to consumer (point-of-consumption). The focus was now on virtual supply chain management and control, allowing visibility, accurate real time information through intelligent management information systems and unrivalled electronic tools. This move ensured the Group moved onto an international platform away from managing individual functions, to a role of assembling, integrating and managing activities into key supply chain processes.

To offer the Company greater flexibility with regard to acquisitions, it moved from the Development Capital Market to the then fledgling Alternative Exchange (“AltX”) in May 2006. However, as a result of strong year-on-year organic growth and strategic international acquisitions during the period 2006 and 2011, the Group transferred its listing from the AltX to the Main Board Support Services sector of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange on the 2nd November 2011.

From a ‘one dimensional’ service offering out of a single office in Durban in 2002, Santova today is a multinational global trade solutions business listed on the Main Board of a Securities Exchange with offices in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe and the United Kingdom, as well as strategic partners throughout the world.


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