Supply Chain Solutions


The design, planning, implementation, coordinating, controlling and monitoring of the integration and management of interdependent supply chain activities and global intellectual capital with the objective of enhancing further differentiation from competitors through the alignment of business strategy with supply chain optimisation.

Business Intelligence

We empower our clients by unlocking supply chain data and facilitating transparency through unrivalled electronic tools which enables the strategic optimisation of the businesses supply chain.

Our ‘virtual’ client–centric information systems accommodate client specific requests and adaptations to the software which allow interface with client systems.

The result being global end-to-end inventory/order management and data interchange which offers a lot more than ‘typical’ track and trace services.

Key Differentiators

Specialist in-house supply chain intellectual capacity

  • Access to world class solutions and systems
  • Adds significant value to customers through supply chain optimisation

An international infrastructure

  • International end-to-end supply chain services across customers’ primary trade flow routes
  • Local representation in key trade centre’s enabling seamless solutions to customers, ensuring accountability and responsiveness

Differentiated logistics strategy

  • Unique and customer centric in terms of system, process and operational integration
  • This allowing for total flexibility, directly driven by customer requirements, instead of by internal capability
  • Assumes responsibility for the entire supply chain, from supplier/source to the point of consumption/consumer
  • Management by exception: Proactive notification capabilities, enabling monitoring of supply chain components by exception

Virtual supply chain management, intelligent technology and management information systems

  • Interface with customer systems to ensure seamless and accurate information flow
  • Provide customers with web-based control, visibility and accurate real time information
  • Enabling clients to be pro-active in the management of their companies supply chains
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI), unlocking supply chain data allowing access to all data for analysis, statistical report writing and management by exception

Value Add Services

  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Labelling
  • Supplier Management
  • Built-to-order
  • Supply Chain Audit
  • Inventory Optimisation
  • Demand Planning
  • Purchase Management
  • Integrated Available to Promise (ATP)
  • Quality Control
  • Sequencing
  • Consolidations
  • Production Planning
  • Cross Docking
  • Optimal Channel Selection
  • Accurate Forecasting
  • Electronic Data
  • Distribution Network Optimisation
  • Price Tagging
  • Pack for Store
  • Deconsolidation’s
  • WMS Management
  • Merge in Transit
  • Scan and Pack
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Standard Operating Procedures

Advanced Supply Chain Services

  • Channel Strategy Development
  • Supply Chain Risk Mitigation
  • Inventory Management/Optimisation
  • Cost to Serve Analysis
  • Demand Driven Planning
  • Business Case Development
  • Supplier Scorecards/Metrics
  • Defining and Structuring Managed Services or KPI’s
  • Distribution Network Planning
  • Fleet Mix Modelling and Optimisation
  • Feasibility Studies and Market Research
  • Business Process Definition and Re-engineering

Efficiency and effectiveness through ‘Virtual’ end-to-end supply chain information

End-to-end integrated supply chain optimisation through one IT interface, facilitating;

  • Order Processing and Control Scheduling
  • Foreign Exchange Control
  • Delivery Scheduling
  • Electronic Documentation Distribution
  • Statistical Reporting
  • Intelligence ‘Hub’ or ‘Data Bank’
  • Shipping Instructions
  • Track and Trace
  • Forecasting
  • Inventory Control
  • Multiple Costings
  • Management Reporting
  • Efficiencies and Effectiveness


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