Information Technology


Most importers and exporters do not have sufficient control over the entire supply chain and they don’t have the right software in place to provide the business intelligence they need to support effective decision-making.

Santova offers clients the power to unlock supply chain data through unrivalled electronic tools that optimises supply chains.

Our information systems accommodate client-specific requests and adaptations to the software that enable interface with client systems. The result being global end-to-end inventory/order management and data interchange which offers a lot more than typical track and trace, including:

  • Advanced data interchanges/EDI between various parties

  • Eliminating duplication in infrastructure, systems, physical resources and workflow processes.

  • Multiple View rights and multiple Access Points for data entry – suppliers, consignees, agents, truckers, shipping lines

  • Proactive notification capabilities, monitoring of supply chain components by exception.

  • Order uploads at line item level

  • EDI transfers back for over 350 selected fields of data

  • Documentation transfer system for photographs, quality tests etc.

  • Documentation production

  • Inventory management through line item level tracking

  • Inventory management through line item level tracking

  • Pre-readiness tracking

  • Tracking of launch volumes or story line consolidations

  • Tracking of part orders/short shipped orders

  • Detailed inventory management reporting

  • Business Intelligence reporting, virtual spread sheets

  • Board Pack production and stats reporting

  • Lead Times accurately measured and understood for all brands/suppliers

  • Supplier and third party KPI reporting and SLA management

  • Exception and non-conformance reporting


If you have any questions about our international freight products please get in touch and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.